Native Flakes Flint Knapping - Preserving our ancestory one flake at a time



Native Flakes Flint Knapping is focused on providing one-of-a-kind art pieces honoring past ancestors who once walked Earth Mother's breast. In some of my work I have added a touch of a modern twist!  Whether you are planning to display the item or use it I want you to remember the pleasant experience you had with Native Flakes Flint Knapping.  

NOTE : on picture pages carved and picture = the higher the page number the newer the material 

Check back often for new updates to my website.  Please browse additional pictures pages as well as photo page to see some of the recent items that have gone out.  I do custom request orders.  100's of knapped items have gone out!  With some of my ancestors being on Dawes Rolls = this art is in my blood!  Please enjoy your time !!                                                                             

                                                         Go raibh maith agat

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